Autumn Winter 2013 Collection

This Autumn/Winter collection is inspired by Nam June Paik’s 1995 work titled “Electronic Super Highway” located in The Smithsonian American

Art Museum in Washington D.C. Nam June Paik (July 20, 1932 - January 29, 2006) was a Korean American video artist. He worked with a variety of media and is considered to be the first video artist. “Electronic Super Highway” contains different stories in each state through televisions from the 1980’s. Each state is outlined with neon tubing as their boarder.


The use of neon embroideries, beaded trims, deer and rabbit fur blocks, bold colored leather and suede, created a collection full of structured

shapes with three-dimensional textures.


Wild Edge represents the spirit of the urban city at night and the vastness of the rural plains. From New York to Alaska, from native America to multi-cultural America, these places and cultures helped shape this collection.

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