Spring Summer 2014 Collection

“The day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.”


Symbolic Reverse is a Spring/Summer collection inspired by the 1960’s iconic science fiction novel, “The Dandelion Girl”. Written by American science fiction author Robert F. Young, the story first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post on April 1st, 1961. The story involves a middle-aged man named Mark Randolph who meets a girl half his age who claims to be from 240 years in the future.


Symbolic Reverse is a collection designed from the point of view of a 1960’s designer making garments in 1961 for the year 2014. This collection is infused with geometric shapes and vibrant colors that represent the era. Concentrating on modern and classic fabrics, Symbolic Reverse combines the style of the past and the present while using silhouettes that are ‘far out’ even for the

1960’s. Thus giving the impression of a futuristic ‘flower power’ collection.


With a varied amount of textile manipulation, Nova Chiu has yet again pushed the boundaries. The use of Japanese origami introduced complex folding techniques that created innovative shapes and details. Mosaic prints and sequined embroidery allow for the combination of two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional applique to achieve a contrast in textures.


This collection embodies all of the right elements that make Nova Chiu such an interesting label. 

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