Autumn Winter 2012 Collection

Vauxhall Fashion Scout - One's to Watch

This London Fashion Week, Nova Chiu debuts her hotly anticipated Autumn/Winter 2012 collection during Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s One’s to

Watch catwalk show. Inspired by her award winning graduate collection Shangri-Ladida, which received The Collection of the Year Award from

London College of Fashion this past spring, Nova Chiu has vowed to push the envelope once again.


This time, Nova has join partnership with designer Jeff Archer whom she met while interning with Anna Sui. Jeff has brought some western flavor

to the inspiration of the collection with a combination of neon colours and urban silhouettes. It is truly a combination of east meets west.


The Shangri-Ladida Part Two collection not just continues the avant-garde graduate collection which incorporated a lot of hand-stitched techniques

and brightly colored faux fur; it also introduces the use of embroidery techniques to the garments. The silhouettes are exciting, comfortable and

fashion-forward modern.

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