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The objective of this highly intensive fashion programme is for students to produce a portfolio of work which can be used to apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate fashion programme, or for employment or personal development. You will be given advice about future studies and follow projects in order to create a portfolio that represents your own personal approach to fashion design.

This programme will push your understanding of fashion and challenge your preconceived ideas of how to design garments. Visual research, experimentation and idea development combined with unique presentation skills are at the focus of everything you do. You will be expected to work hard, find inspiration in new and unexpected places and identify your strengths and weaknesses whilst learning to overcome your limitations. Each stage group consists of approximately 5-8 students or individual one-to-one tuition is available too.

Fashion Practice Crouse:

Fashion Practice is a course that offers you the chance to experience and explore fashion across a range of disciplines. This course will develop your understanding of fashion in the broadest sense by giving you the opportunity to experience varied disciplines across fashion design, media communication and fashion business.

The course is looking for committed applicants who want to find inspiration in new and unexpected ways and to identify their strengths, to become a successful fashion practitioner. This course has been designed for those who intend to progress to university to study for a fashion degree or to help you choose the path you want to take as a career. The course will help you understand and explore the key ideas influencing the fashion industry today and challenge you to think creatively and more deeply about fashion, as your chosen career.

You will develop skills in visual research, experimentation and idea generation which are fundamentals for fashion innovation and creative thinkers. You will develop relevant presentation skills to build an exciting body of work that represents your skills and specialist fashion direction. You will also start to understand how to reflect on your work, be critical and justify your ideas and opinions. Each stage group consists of approximately 5-8 students or individual one-to-one tuition is available too.

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